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The Charitable Goals of Yank Barry

November 20, 2016

Whenever a great many people see the terrible conditions that people around the world are forced to live under, they wish they were able to help. That applies not just to regular people. A great many rich philanthropists see abject poverty and proceed to write a check to a charity so that the charity can help. A great many others establish a financial foundation and let someone else run it. Yank Barry has done a little more than either of those. When he saw abject poverty as he traveled for his successful business career with food manufacturer Vitapro, he became determined to change things himself.

Yank Barry founded the Global Village Champions Foundation, an international hunger initiative, for example, in 1995. Since then, along with his wife Yvette and friends and partners like Evander Holyfield and Gary U.S. Bonds, that initiative has provided more than one billion meals to hungry people so far. Yank Barry takes more of a hands-on approach than many other philanthropists, however. He works closely with local agencies and NGOs to help people in politically unstable areas where few others bother to go. He also actually goes there himself, even when he focuses on helping refugees in war torn areas rebuild their lives. Yank’s humanitarian efforts are unique and special. Best of all, they work.